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Delaware Valley Region CCCA Grand Classic, Grand Stutz, and Marmon Muster, May, 2018

Save the Date: 2018 CCCA Grand Classic

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Last updated May 18, 2018

It’s Over!

The combined Grand Classic/Grand Stutz/Marmon Muster is now history! That’s a relief for
those of us involved in organizing the event who can now return to a semblance of normal life.
It was hard work, and we are pleased by the many positive comments that we have received
about the event.

A sincere thank you to our Tour hosts – Frank Buck, Bill Wessels, and Prueitt Restoration – and
our special exhibit – Dave Lockard with his 1918 Packard Truck and display of WW1 historical
items. Thanks also to Hank Hallowell, President of the AACA Museum and our featured
speaker at the Banquet, who presented Museum attendance data that seems to indicate interest in
our hobby among millennials.

The weather was fine for the first day or two, then forecasts of the weather on show day took a
turn for the worse. The reports were ever more ominous, and we launched a major effort to
search for options including large tent(s) and nearby warehouse space – with, as you might
suspect, no luck. However, the weather on show day turned out to be fine – overcast, mild
temperatures, light breezes, and most important, no rain! In fact, with the overcast, conditions
were ideal for photography.

We had an outstanding display of Full Classics, and the impressive collection of Stutz and
Marmon automobiles was essential to show success. In the afternoon, we were joined by
members of the Chesapeake Bay Region who enhanced the event by holding their annual spring
event called the Parade of New Cars in a space set aside for them on the show field.


This is a brief summary of the highlights of the event now that it is over. A full report is being
prepared. A major purpose of this initial report is to provide a place to collect pictures of the

A beginning collection of pictures of the event can be found HERE.

We would like to add your pictures to this collection. If you have pictures of the event you
would like to add to this album, please send an email to me at I will
respond with a link you can use to upload your pictures.

By Cliff Woodbury, Co-Director of the Delaware Valley Region, Classic Car Club of America
with Howard Schaevitz


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