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Tips for Owners & Exhibitors, CCCA Judging


Trailer Parking:
Trucks and Trailers may be parked in the designated area adjacent to the Hotel.

Identification Placard:
You should have received a Car Identification Placard when you picked-up your registration packet. Please verily that the information on the placard is correct, and contact Howard Schaevitz - Area Head Judge if there is a problem. Please attach the placard to the front of your car in plain view.

Car Washing:
A hose for car washing is available in the designated car washing area.

Parking and Display on the Show Field:
The numbered space assigned to you should be in the information you received at Registration. If not, please ask a staff parking assistant (yellow vest) for help. Please park your car in the numbered space assigned to you with your car centered over the yellow tape.

If you are a judge, try to move your car onto the Show Field before the Judges’ Breakfast at 8:00am, Saturday morning.

The Club typically will provide overnight show field security. Please check and confirm the arrangements for security at the event you are attending.

Please make your car available as directed by the official photographer.

Judging begins at 10:00 am:
All cars should be on the Show Field and ready at 10:00 am.

Removing cars from the Show Field:
All cars being judged or exhibited must remain on the Show Field until 3:00 pm. National CCCA Judging Procedures require that no car be permitted to leave the Show Field until released by the Area Head Judge. So long as it is not raining, the Area Head Judge will not release any car before 3:00 pm. Your cooperation will be appreciated.

While one of the primary purposes for the display of our Full Classics® is judging, the Grand Classic® is meant to be enjoyed by all participants. By leaving your car on the Show Field as long as possible, you will help make this a most memorable event for everyone.

Obtaining Judging Results:
You may request a composite score sheet that shows where each judge made deductions. The names of the judges will not appear on the sheet. Requests for composite score sheets must be submitted in writing after the end of the event. Please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope and send your request directly to the Area Head Judge -

Howard Schaevitz, Area Head Judge
229 East Warren Avenue, Edgewater Park, NJ 08010

Important - Requests for composite score sheets must include a SASE and must be received by the Area Head Judge no later than May 30th. All judging information will be sent to National Headquarters and the judging scores will no longer be available locally after this date. Results should be available from National after June 18th.

Judging is a cooperative process between car owners and judges that is designed to assure that all cars are judged efficiently and fairly. While judges will evaluate your car as they would want their own car judged, a well-prepared exhibitor who understands the judging process will assure that their car is seen by the judges in the best possible light.

Here are some highlights about how the judges will interact with an exhibitor:

  • The team leader is the liaison between the exhibitor and the other judges of his team. Only the team leader may converse with the exhibitor. If another judge asks you a question, please refer that judge to his team leader. However, a judge may talk to an exhibitor before and after judging.
  • Only the team leader will ask that you demonstrate something on your car.
  • No judge will attempt to operate any component of the car, except that the team leader may ask you if he can operate the brake pedal and hand brake to check the pedal travel. If you would rather do this yourself, please tell the team leader beforehand.
  • Before a judge can make a deduction for Authenticity; he must discuss it with the team leader, who will then discuss it with the exhibitor.

Here are some ways in which an owner or exhibitor can help the judging process:

  • You will be required to start the engine. If your car starts better when it’s warm, it’s a good idea to warm up the engine before the judging begins.
  • You will be asked to demonstrate the operation of all components such as lights, windshield wipers, radio, power antenna, dash lights, interior lights, etc... If your car has a convertible top or canopy, you will also be asked to raise the top from the windshield frame so that the judges can see that the mechanism works properly.
  • Some items such as vacuum-powered windshield wipers must be checked while the engine is running. Before turning the engine off, remind the team leader if some item that requires that the engine be running has not been checked. This will save you from having to start the car again.
  • All detachable items must be judged, even if they are not installed on the car. This includes top boots, side curtains and tonneau covers. Having these items ready for inspection will help the judges.
  • Remember that no deduction for Authenticity can be made before the team leader discusses the issue with you.
    Therefore, do not attempt to substantiate the authenticity of anything unless the team leader asks you about it.


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